MS Spitsbergen

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Starting in May 2017, MS Spitsbergen will alternate between the Norwegian coast and polar expeditions.

Our newest ship, MS Spitsbergen, is named after the island of Spitsbergen in the Svalbard archipelago, and Spitsbergen is the Arctic crown of Norway. Hurtigruten has a long history of traveling to this destination, starting back in 1896 with the 'Sports Route'. Joining the fleet in 2016, the MS Spitsbergen's maneuverability and optimal size make her especially suitable for exploring the coast of Norway and beyond, bringing Hurtigruten guests even closer to nature.

2017/2018 Season with MS Spitsbergen

After the 2016/2017 season traveling along the coast of Norway, MS Spitsbergen will alternate between the Norwegian coast and polar expeditions. Starting in May, 2017, guests can sail on MS Spitsbergen to Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe and Shetland Islands, as well as to Arctic Canada.

In 2017/2018, MS Spitsbergen voyages along the Norwegian coast will operate as expedition ships with expedition teams, the ideal choice for those who want an active exploration of the coast in an active way.

Elegant, Modern, and Environmentally Friendly

After a complete reconstruction, MS Spitsbergen features elegant, modern, comfortable public areas and cabins and the decor reflects the color palette of the Norwegian Sea. The ship is environmentally-friendly with technical improvements to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. It is equipped and adapted for sailings in polar waters through­out the Arctic region.

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Room Category Legend

  • MX Owner's Suite
  • MG Grand Suite
  • Q Mini Suite
  • QJ Arctic Superior
  • U Arctic Superior
  • P Arctic Superior
  • I Polar Inside
  • K Polar Inside
  • A Polar Outside
  • J Polar Outside
  • O Polar Outside
  • AJ Polar Outside
  • N Polar Outside
  • YA Arctic Superior
  • B Polar Inside
  • UNI Polar Inside Guarantee
  • USD Polar Outside Guarantee
  • USP Artica Superior Guarantee
  • V MG Expedition Suites
  • V QJ Arctic Superior
  • V MX Expedition Suites
  • V AJ Polar Outside
  • V J3 Polar Outside
  • V J2 Polar Outside
  • V U2 Arctic Superior
  • V O2 Polar Outside
  • V Q4 Expedition Suites
  • V Q3 Expedition Suites
  • V Q2 Expedition Suites
  • V YA Arctic Superior
  • V A2 Polar Outside
  • VU2D Arctic Superior
  • USPB Arctic Superior
  • USPD Arctic Superior
  • USPI Polar Inside
  • UNT3 Polar Outside
  • UNI4 Polar Inside
  • USPT Polar Outside
  • U2D Arctic Superior
  • UYA Arctic Superior
  • Q2 Expedition Suites
  • Q3 Expedition Suites
  • Q4 Expedition Suites
  • P2D Arctic Superior
  • O2D Polar Outside
  • O2 Polar Outside
  • N3 Polar Outside
  • J3 Polar Outside
  • J2 Polar Outside
  • J2D Polar Outside
  • K2D Polar Inside
  • K4D Polar Inside
  • K4 Polar Inside
  • K2 Polar Inside
  • I2 Polar Inside
  • I2D Polar Inside
  • A2 Polar Outside
  • U2 Arctic Superior
  • V N3 Polar Outside