MS Polarlys

Passenger Capacity
Length in Feet
Onboard Crew
Built In 1996 | Registry Norway | Total Staterooms 214

Polarlys is the Norwegian word for polar light, a name given to the special Arctic phenomenon during winter.

MS Polarlys is stylishly furnished with mahogany panelling, polished brass, and a selection of Norwegian contemporary art. Together with the extensive use of wood in the public areas, this creates a traditional maritime atmosphere.

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Life Onboard

28 – 30 m2.
One or two rooms, seating area, TV, mini-bar, some with private balcony.

8 – 13 m2.
Separate beds, one bed can be turned into a sofa. 

Visiting 34 ports, Hurtigruten have an exceptional opportunity to get fresh produce from local suppliers everyday. This means delicious new and fresh ingredients, both from coastal and inland areas.

Authentic food experiences
To enhance this unique concept, you will have food experiences not only in the restaurants, but also through storytelling. You can also enjoy tastings of seasonal produce on deck.

No Kids program offered.


There is a small gym with half a dozen exercise machines on Deck 2. Separate men's and women's saunas are right next door. You'll need to ask reception for the key to use any of these.

A promenade encircles Deck 5 and is great for walking. On warm, sunny days, however, passengers line the deck willy-nilly with lounge chairs, creating an obstacle course.

Two whirlpool tubs are located on Deck 6, aft.

Deck Overview

Additional Ship Facts

  • Gross Tonnage : 11,341
  • Cruising Speed : 15 Knots
  • Number Of Lower Berth : 473
  • Width : 19.5 m
  • Place Built :
  • Car Space : 35
  • Countries Represented : Norway

Room Category Legend

  • N2 Polar Outside
  • N3 Polar Outside
  • L2 Polar Outside
  • L3 Polar Outside
  • M Suite
  • Q Mini Suite
  • U Arctic Superior
  • P Arctic Superior
  • K Polar Inside
  • I Polar Inside
  • O Polar Outside
  • N Polar Outside
  • L Polar Outside
  • J3 Polar Outside
  • J Polar Outside
  • UNI Polar Inside Guarantee
  • USD Polar Outside Guarantee
  • USP Artica Superior Guarantee
  • K3 Polar Inside
  • I1 Polar Inside
  • I2 Polar Inside
  • Q2 Expedition Suites
  • Q4 Expedition Suites
  • O2 Polar Outside
  • O3 Polar Outside
  • M4 Expedition Suites
  • VPET Polar Outside
  • VU2D Arctic Superior
  • VJ2D Polar Outside
  • VP2D Arctic Superior
  • V SD Polar Outside
  • V Q4 Expedition Suites
  • V Q2 Expedition Suites
  • V O3 Polar Outside
  • V O2 Polar Outside
  • V N3 Polar Outside
  • V N2 Polar Outside
  • V M4 Expedition Suites
  • V L3 Polar Outside
  • V L2 Polar Outside
  • V J3 Polar Outside
  • USPD Arctic Superior
  • USPB Arctic Superior
  • USPI Polar Inside
  • USPT Polar Outside
  • UNI3 Polar Inside
  • UNI1 Polar Inside
  • UNT3 Polar Outside
  • U2D Arctic Superior
  • PETO Polar Outside
  • P2D Arctic Superior
  • P2 Polar Outside
  • OPET Polar Outside
  • J2D Polar Outside
  • SD Polar Outside