MS Finnmarken

Passenger Capacity
Length in Feet
Onboard Crew
Built In 2002 | Registry Norway | Total Staterooms 282

On Board the MS Finnmarken you will find the relaxed Hurtigruten atmosphere combined with a bit of luxury.

The ship is beautifully appointed and decorated in the Art Deco style that was modern when the first ship with this name was built. Rich colours, bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation characteristic of the Art Deco style. She is the only ship with both a swimming pool and Jacuzzi on deck. A defining feature on the MS Finnmarken is her bow; from deck 5 you can actually go all the way to the tip.

Young Explorer Program

Children from 7-13 years old are invited to take part in the complimentary year-round Young Explorers Program on MS Finnmarken. A dedicated on-board host plans and organizes all activities, focusing on fun and eco-friendly learning that is tailor-made to awaken a sense of adventure. The kids get a deeper understanding of nature, climate and culture, and are introduced to topics related to wildlife, local food, environmental protection and famous explorers. There will be daily on-board activities for the Young Explorers, relating to the different topics.

Expedition Team on board

MS Finnmarken has her own on-board Expedition Team, and the ship will serve as a university at sea. Interesting lectures inside as well as out on the sun deck of the ship make this an exciting and educational journey. Topics depend on the season and the waters we sail in. The Expedition Team will host a lecture program and evening gatherings daily. Out on deck you may participate in live points of interest to learn more about the nature, culture and other phenomena we encounter along the coast. In addition, the Expedition Team will introduce you to the uniquely Norwegian notion of friluftsliv, and encourage you take part in friluftsliv hikes and activities during the journey. The dedicated Expedition Team has one mission: to enhance your experience by engaging you and interpreting the nature, wildlife, and culture you encounter during the voyage.

Life Onboard


28 – 30 m2.
One or two rooms, seating area, TV, mini-bar, some with private balcony.


8 – 13 m2.
Separate beds, one bed can be turned into a sofa. 

Visiting 34 ports, Hurtigruten have an exceptional opportunity to get fresh produce from local suppliers everyday. This means delicious new and fresh ingredients, both from coastal and inland areas.

Authentic food experiences
To enhance this unique concept, you will have food experiences not only in the restaurants, but also through storytelling. You can also enjoy tastings of seasonal produce on deck.

No Kids program offered.


Finnmarken has no spa or salon facilities. However, there is a small two-room gym on Deck 8, aft. Open 6 a.m. to midnight, it features one step machine, one elliptical, two treadmills, two rowers, three exercise bikes, free weights up to 66 pounds, medicine balls up to 18 pounds and a variety of weight machines, yoga mats and step boxes. It also has men's and women's locker rooms with showers, saunas and lockers (locks provided). No organized fitness classes are offered.

Just below the fitness center, aft on Deck 7, you'll find the ship's only pool, flanked by a hot tub on each side. The area was used regularly on our sailing, but it was rarely crowded. Plenty of sun loungers and tables with chairs can be found near the pool and on the outer decks surrounding it. Chair hogs weren't an issue -- probably due to the chilly weather along Norway's coast, even during summer sailings -- so there was never a seating shortage.


Deck Overview

Additional Ship Facts

  • Cruising Speed : 15 Knots
  • Shipyard :
  • Beam : 21.5 m
  • Car Space : 47
  • Bed :

Room Category Legend

  • L4 Polar Outside
  • O2 Polar Outside
  • U2 Arctic Superior
  • J2 Polar Outside
  • U1 Outside Cabin
  • P2 Arctic Superior
  • N2 Polar Outside
  • N4 Polar Outside
  • L2 Polar Outside
  • L3 Polar Outside
  • I4 Polar Inside
  • I2 Polar Inside
  • I3 Polar Inside
  • M2 Expedition Suites
  • Q2 Mini Suite
  • MG Grand Suite
  • M Expedition Suite
  • Q Mini Suite
  • QJ Arctic Superior
  • U Arctic Superior
  • P Arctic Superior
  • I Polar Inside
  • J Polar Outside
  • L Polar Outside
  • N Polar Outside
  • O Polar Outside
  • UNI Polar Inside Guarantee
  • USD Polar Outside Guarantee
  • USP Artica Superior Guarantee
  • VPET Polar Outside (Some Accessible)
  • UNI4 Polar Inside
  • V MG Grand Suite
  • V QJ Arctic Superior
  • UNI3 Polar Inside
  • USPT Polar Outside
  • UNI1 Polar Inside
  • I1 Polar Inside
  • V N2 Polar Outside
  • V P2 Arctic Superior
  • SD Polar Outside
  • UNT1 Polar Outside
  • V J2 Polar Outside
  • PETO Polar Outside
  • V L3 Polar Outside
  • V L2 Polar Outside
  • V N4 Polar Outside
  • L1 Polar Outside
  • OPET Polar Outside
  • UNB1 Arctic Superior
  • UNT3 Polar Outside
  • UNT4 Polar Outside
  • USPB Arctic Superior
  • USPI Polar Inside
  • V M2 Expedition Suites
  • V O2 Polar Outside
  • V Q2 Expedition Suites
  • V U1 Arctic Superior
  • V U2 Arctic Superior
  • V SD Polar Outside