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Traveling aboard Crucemundo ships is a relaxing and comfortable way to get to know the world. One of the clear advantages of the cruises is the direct contact with the people of each destination. On board you will receive an individual and exclusive service, which gives the cruise a more intimate touch, relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

The goal of Crucemundo is and always has been to take you along the waterways with the most wonderful landscapes in the world. Crossing the waters of the Volga, you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Imperial and Czarist Russia. Discover the enigmas of the Soviet period through the avenues of Moscow, become an emperor for a day walking through the halls of Hermitage. Navigating the Dnieper, you will find yourself immersed in the Cossack world. Know the roots of the Slavic race traveling through Kiev. On a Trans-Siberian railroad cruise, discover the secrets of Chinese dynasties, feel the spirit of freedom of the Mongolian people, admire the lush forests of Siberia. An unforgettable trip across the continent full of contrasts and surprises. Navigating the waterways of old Europe discover the cultural and natural treasures of their lands, a fascinating journey through different eras.

CRUCEMUNDO is a travel wholesaler specializing in river cruises through Russia, Ukraine, Europe and other destinations. The company starts its career by offering blocks of seats on board ships in Russia and Ukraine to other tour operators and agencies.