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To travel by steamboat is to step back in time and forward within your imagination. From your unique perspective on deck and during your excursions on shore, you become all that you want to be - explorer, adventurer, history buff, antique or art enthusiast, bird-watcher.

Relaxing in the regal ambiance of the Steamer American Queen, you are the pampered guest. Inhaling the misty morning air, you are a naturalist, scanning for waterfowl and white-tailed deer.

You revel in your independence and freedom, inspired by the river's constant flow, invigorated and awakened by its unspoiled beauty. You are a photographer capturing breathtaking scenery. You are the connoisseur of fine regional cuisine. You are the belle of the ball, the life of the party - dancing the night away and seizing the day.

Visiting the birthplaces of great Americans, the landmarks of war, the mansions, museums and main streets of historic ports of call, you are the ultimate sightseer. Sinking into your bed, lulled by the rhythm of the paddlewheel and soothed by the softness of fine linens, you are the traveler who feels very much at home.

Steamboating on rivers that are the lifeblood of our heartland is an all-American experience - as American as Mark Twain and Louis Armstrong, the Fourth of July and the Kentucky Derby.